Just install the latest version of FedCloud client, get an access token from EGI Check-in Token Portal and you can use Secret management service. No additional setting required. The basic commands are as follows:

  • Create a secret object my_app_secrets in Secret management service, store MySQL and admin passwords in the secret object:

$ fedcloud secret put my_app_secrets mysql_password=123456 admin_password=abcdef
  • List secret objects stored in Secret management service:

$ fedcloud secret list
  • Read a secret object from Secret management service. If a key is given as parameter, the client will print only the secret value corresponding to the key (what is useful for scripting), otherwise it will print the table of all key:value pairs.

$ fedcloud secret get my_app_secrets
key             value
--------------  -------
admin_password  abcdef
mysql_password  123456

$ fedcloud secret get my_app_secrets mysql_password
  • Delete a secret object from Secret management service.

$ fedcloud secret delete my_app_secrets